Philips Intera 3.0T MRI

Our Philips 3.0T MRI is one of the world’s finest high-definition magnetic resonance systems, which is the highest clinical field strength available on the market today. This unique MRI system allows our radiologists to definitively diagnose the most complex cases. Using the latest high-definition (HD) technology to produce superb high resolution images, from sports injuries to life threatening conditions, our doctors can diagnose with more confidence.

Superb Image Quality Procedures:

  • Neurological/Brain Imaging
  • Spine Studies
  • Orthopedic-including elbow, wrist, hip, knee, foot and ankle
  • Prostate
  • Pelvis- Male/Female
  • Abdominal
  • Specialized vascular and cardiac applications
  • Functional and spectroscopic imaging

Open Sitting MRI

Open Sitting MRIOur Fonar Open Sitting MRI, also known as the Stand-UP MRI, is the most patient friendly MRI scanner on the market today. The combination of the 0.6 T magnet and its full complement of advanced coils and software features enable the Open Sitting MRI to produce images of outstanding quality. Although patients can be scanned recumbent, standing, or bending, they are typically scanned in a comfortable seated position watching a 42” flat-screen TV throughout the scanning process.

Because of the Open Sitting MRI’s unique magnet configuration, there is nothing in front of the patient’s face or directly overhead to create a closed-in feeling. Patients no longer have to suffer from claustrophobic reactions commonly associated with “tube” or “tunnel” MRI scanners, even some so-called Open MRI scanners. In fact, our Open Sitting MRI routinely scans patients that were unable to tolerate other MRI scanners, or who simply could not fit into them, including patients weighing as much as 500 pounds.

The Open Sitting MRI meets special needs as well. For patients who are physically unable to lie down, Upright MRI is the only scanner that can accommodate them. Young children are often anesthetized for their MRI scans in order to prevent motion artifacts. Children can sit comfortably watching TV in the MRI, thereby eliminating the risk and need for anesthesia, while eliminating the motion artifact issue. Finally, infants may be scanned risk-free, sleeping peacefully on their parent’s lap throughout their scan

The Open Sitting or Stand-up MRI is the clear choice for claustrophobic or large patients.

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